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Non-Fungible Titties.

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The Future is Now.

Everybody loves porn. It's time to combine the power of NFTs with the vastness of the adult industry. NFTitties provides collectors with the absolute best content available anywhere. Get ready for a revolution.

NFTitties will have a very own Polygon-based token released in Q2 2022. More information will follow soon. Follow our socials to stay in the loop!

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What is NFTitties?

NFTitties is a revolutionary auction-based adult NFT marketplace, forged to build stronger connections between creators and their fans through the Ethereum blockchain.

Over 70 creators have already joined our platform with dozens of NFTs ready to be collected on our marketplace right now!

How It Works

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are used to represent digital files on the blockchain, in this case images and soon also videos. Creators can sell their content for Ethereum as an NFT on our platform, allowing their fans to "collect" and own a piece of their content on the blockchain. This process creates a revolutionary mutually-beneficial support bridge between creators and their fans.


What Makes Us Different

NFTitties chooses quality over quantity. For this reason, all NFTs are hand-checked by our QA team to prevent oversaturating our marketplace and list only the highest quality NFTs.

We're not just focusing our attention on NFTs. We will soon be adding subscriptions to our platform, shortly followed by chat sessions. This will provide our creators with a more source of income on NFTitties.


Power to the Creators

If you're interested in being a creator, simply create an account, set up your profile and submit a verification picture. Once you're verified, you can create your first NFT, entirely free of cost!

As a creator, you can stay completely anonymous. All you need is an Ethereum wallet and you're good to go!


Build Your Collection

If you're not interested in being a creator and just want to get your hands on the hottest NFTs, having an account is entirely optional. You can simply connect your wallet and starting bidding on NFTs right away. The NFTitties watermark is removed upon claiming your NFT to ensure that only you have the original photo.


No Listing Fee

In a revolutionary move, creators can create and sell their NFTs on our platform entirely free of cost. NFTs are minted automatically by the winner of the auction and will be included in the price. This empowers our creators to go wild with their creativity.

All of our NFTs are protected with a watermark to ensure that nobody is able to steal the original content of our creators. The watermark is removed when the winner claims the NFT. The NFT on the blockchain will of course not have the watermark. This process ensures that only the winner of the NFT will receive the original, unwatermarked file.



In honor of breasts in all shapes and sizes, 1% of all sales will go to a highly-rated Breast Cancer charity. These donations are made on the first day of each month and are entirely transparent.


We are bringing crypto lovers, adult content creators and collectors all under one welcoming roof. Prepare for an exciting new age of the Internet.


Global Adoption

We intend to lead the global adoption of adult NFT content through innovative cutting-edge technology and by consistently providing you with the hottest NFTs on the market.


Platform Launch

Our platform will officially relaunch in Q2 of 2022 to focus on Polygon to greatly improve platform fees. Please follow our socials to stay in the loop!


Token Rewards

As a holder of our token, you will be rewarded with more tokens as time goes on. 5% of each transaction of the NFTitties token will automatically be distributed to all holders.



Polygon Integration

Polygon is a decentralized scaling solution for Ethereum and will greatly reduce NFTitties platform fees.


NFTitties Redesign

The site will be redesigned to improve overall user experience. The goal is to make NFTitties easier to navigate and for people who are new to crypto or NFTs to understand NFTitties.


Token Upgrade

Our token will be upgraded to a brand new Polygon-based token. Current holders will be able to convert their tokens for the same value on the new contract.


NFTitties Relaunch

NFTitties will be relaunched with its main focus being Polygon and brand new collaborations with our content creators.


Videos & GIFs

NFTitties will add support for videos and GIFs, allowing creators to express themselves in even more ways.



Creators will be able to upload premium content to their profile. Fans will be able to subscribe to creators to view their premium content.


Chatting & Requests

Fans will be able to chat with NFTitties creators and request special or personal content.


Centralized Exchanges

NFTitties will be listed on several centralized exchanges. This may be pushed back to Q1 2023 depending on the growth of NFTitties. Follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates.


New Roadmap

NFTitties is continuously being worked on by the team and as a result, challenging and exciting plans will be revealed to the public. NFTitties is ever-evolving and will continue to do so in 2023.


How will the token be integrated into the platform?expand_moreNFTitties token holders will have access to exclusive NFT drops on their platform as well as bonuses such as being able to view upcoming NFTs one hour ahead the rest and bid on NFTs for an additional 15 minutes to increase your chance of winning.

Additionally, we will have a quarterly burn mechanism based on the NFT sales to increase value for NFTitties holders.

Besides, our token will always be a crucial part of NFTitties, which will cause more people to buy it as our platform grows because people will have faith in NFTitties and want to join the ride as we aim to lead the adult NFT adoption globally.
Where can I get more updates on this project?expand_moreFollow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group for live updates. Head over to our Community section below!
I have more questions. How can I contact you?expand_morePlease head over to our Contact page and ask away! We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

White Paper

This was just a glimpse of NFTitties. Our white paper can hopefully provide you with an answer to any questions you might have. If you would like more information about any of our platform or NFTitties in general, check out our white paper to read everything in more detail.

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Follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram group to be a part of our community, receive for live updates and chat with the team!


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