The Future of Adult Content

Non-Fungible Titties.

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The Future is Now.

Everybody loves porn. It's time to combine the power of NFTs with the vastness of the adult industry. NFTitties will provide collectors with the absolute best content available anywhere. Get ready for a revolution.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and get in early by investing in our very own $TITS token, fully equipped with mechanisms to protect and reward our holders.

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What is NFTitties?

NFTitties is a revolutionary auction-based adult NFT marketplace, forged to build stronger connections between creators and their fans through the Ethereum blockchain.

Over 70 verified creators have already joined our ranks with dozens of NFTs listed and ready to be collected as soon as our platform launches on October 29.

How It Works

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are used to represent digital files on the blockchain, in this case images and soon also videos. Creators can sell their content for Ethereum as an NFT on our platform, allowing their fans to "collect" and own a piece of their content on the blockchain. This process creates a revolutionary mutually-beneficial support bridge between creators and their fans.


What Makes Us Different

NFTitties chooses quality over quantity. For this reason, we will never have more than 30 actively listed NFTs on the site at the same time to prevent oversaturating our marketplace and keep our content of high value. All NFTs are hand-checked by our team to make sure that we can keep on delivering you the best quality that is available anywhere in the world.

We're not just focusing our attention on NFTs. In November, we will be adding subscriptions to our platform just like OnlyFans, shortly followed by chat sessions. This will provide our creators with a more stable way to make money on NFTitties.


More than an OnlyFans alternative

Ever since traditional banks forced OnlyFans into their recently announced porn-ban, adult content creators were shocked. Even though OnlyFans has now caved to peer pressure and is allowing plain nudes again, they're still kicking a giant portion of the market to the curb definitively.

It is time for creators to take back control. Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, you are your own bank and you are in control. Chargebacks are impossible in crypto, so once a payment is made, there's no way to revert it. This is what makes crypto and NFTitties an ideal solution for adult content creators.


Power to the Creators

If you're interested in being a creator, simply create an account, set up your profile and submit a verification picture. Once you're verified, you can create your first NFT. It might seem overwhelming, but we promise it's really quite simple!

As a creator, you can stay completely anonymous and won't even need any crypto-knowledge or an Ethereum wallet. You can choose to have us convert your Ethereum into USD and get paid through PayPal or wire transfer.


Build Your Collection

If you're not interested in being a creator and just want to build an awesome collection, having an account is entirely optional. You can simply connect your wallet and starting bidding on NFTs right away. This feature, however, will be unlocked when our platforms launches on October 29. Enter your email address below to get notified when we go live!


No Listing Fee

In a revolutionary move, creators can create and sell their NFTs on our platform entirely free of cost. NFTs are minted automatically by the winner of the auction and will be included in the price. This empowers our creators to go wild with their creativity.

All of our thumbnails are watermarked for protection by default so that nobody is able to steal the original content of our creators. The NFT on the blockchain will of course not have the watermark. This process ensures that only the winner of the NFT will receive the original, unwatermarked file.



In honor of breasts in all shapes and sizes, 1% of all sales will go to a highly-rated Breast Cancer charity. These donations are made on the first day of each month and are entirely transparent.


Our presale will start on 30 Sept and will end on 29 Oct after which the token will immediately be listed and tradeable on Uniswap.

Tokens that are unsold will be used for the Uniswap LP to reach our target price of $0.15. Any remaining tokens will be burned to increase value for early investors.

Raised Funds

  • 65% of the funds raised will go to our Uniswap liquidity pool on October 29, meaning that our token will then be tradeable on Uniswap, two hours ahead of our platform launch. Additionally, all Uniswap LP tokens are burned, so we cannot access nor pull the liquidity.

  • 25% of the funds will be used to list on exchanges, development and marketing.

  • 10% of the funds will be used to buy back and burn tokens to prevent dumping.

  • The marketing funds are retrieved at the end of each round to build hype for the next round. Additionally, the buy-back funds will also be retrieved and sent to our Buy-back Wallet.

Mark Your Calendar

TITS Presale

30/09 - 29/10

Uniswap Listing


Platform Launch


Subscriptions Update


Chat Sessions Update


Limited Sale

2,000,000 TITS $ 0.05
checkSale Ended


20,000,000 TITS $ 0.06
event30 Sept 2 PM UTC


After Presale $ 0.15
event29 Oct 2 PM UTC

Our presale will last 4 weeks in total. At the end of the presale on 29 October, we will burn 36,000,000 TITS to increase value for early investors. TITS will be tradeable on Uniswap within minutes after our presale ends. Our platform launches two hours after!


NFTitties ($TITS) is an unmintable ERC-20 token with a fixed total supply of 100,000,000. There is a 9% tax fee per transaction of which:

  • 5% will be awarded to holders

  • 2% will go to Uniswap liquidity pool

  • 2% development + marketing wallet

Token Distribution

  • 58% Presale

    If there are unsold tokens during the presale, they will be used for the Uniswap LP to reach our target price of $0.15. Any remaining tokens will be burned to increase value for early investors.

  • 30% Liquidity Pool / Ecosystem

    These tokens will be used to top off our Uniswap LP to make sure that we reach our target price. Any additional tokens will be used for bonuses on our platform and for listing on centralized exchanges.

  • 9% Team

    Tokens are locked through Unicrypt for 6 months, after which 10% will be released monthly. Check out the Etherscan transaction and lock details.

  • 3% Marketing + Airdrops

    This includes our airdrop, giveaway, promotions and early creator bonuses.


We are bringing crypto lovers, adult content creators and collectors all under one welcoming roof. Prepare for an exciting new age of the Internet.


Global Adoption

We intend to lead the global adoption of adult NFT content through innovative cutting-edge technology and by consistently providing you with the hottest NFTs on the market.


Platform Launch

Our platform will officially launch on October 29. This is also the day that our Uniswap liquidity will be unlocked meaning that you'll be able to trade your $TITS!


Token Rewards

As a holder of our token ($TITS), you will be rewarded with more tokens as time goes on. 5% of each transaction of $TITS will automatically be distributed to all holders of our token.



Initial Development

Begin development and design of concept and platform.


Creator Recruitment

Recruit the first verified content creators to our platform and list initial high-quality NFTs.


Alpha Testing

First end-to-end alpha test of NFTitties to ensure it meets the business requirements and functions correctly.


Token Development

Development of our NFTitties ($TITS) ERC-20 token and integration into our platform.


Token Presale

Our NFTitties ($TITS) token will be available for sale publically starting in September until our platform launches.


Uniswap Listing

After the presale, our token will be listed on Uniswap two hours ahead of our platform launch. Uniswap LP tokens are burned so we cannot pull liquidity.


Beta Testing

Vulnerability and stress-testing, as well as final testing to catch any bugs that might've slipped through. At this point, the platform is fully operational.


Platform Launch

All features will be unlocked and our NFTs will go up for auction.


Videos & GIFs

Creators will be able to sell videos and GIFs as an NFT.



Creators will be able to upload premium content to their profile. Fans will be able to subscribe to Creators to view their premium content.


Chatting & Requests

Fans will be able to chat with Creators and request special or personal content.


Centralized Exchanges

NFTitties ($TITS) will be listed on several centralized exchanges. More info will follow at the start of Q4.


New Roadmap

NFTitties is continuously being worked on by the team and as a result, challenging and exciting plans will be revealed to the public. NFTitties is ever-evolving and will continue to do so in 2022.


I'm new to crypto. How can I participate?expand_moreWelcome to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies! We've made it as easy as possible for you to buy our token. It might seem daunting at first, but it's quite easy!

Step 1
First, you'll need an Ethereum wallet. If you're on a desktop, we recommend getting the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome. If you're on mobile, we recommend downloading the Trust Wallet app.

Step 2
Once you've downloaded MetaMask or Trust Wallet, you can connect your Ethereum wallet, or if you don't have one yet, they'll guide you through the process of creating your first Ethereum wallet.

Step 3
After setting up your wallet, please come back to this page and head over to our Presale section to connect your wallet and enter the amount of tokens you wish to buy. MetaMask or Trust Wallet will then help you sign and complete the transfer. Your tokens will appear on your wallet immediately. That's it!

What is MetaMask?
MetaMask provides the simplest yet most secure way to connect and interact with blockchain-based applications, directly from your browser. MetaMask generates passwords and keys offline on your device, so only you have access to your accounts and data. It is by far the most popular option for desktop out there.

What is Trust Wallet?
Trust Wallet is a fully functioning DApp browser for mobile that can be used to interact with any decentralized application on the blockchain. It is a well-crafted tool that provides a seamless, simple and secure connection between you and any blockchain application. It is considered the most trusted and secure crypto wallet app.
Can I use anything other than MetaMask or Trust Wallet?expand_moreFor desktop, it is not recommended to use anything other than MetaMask, although any DApp browser should work. For mobile, most DApp browsers will work but Trust Wallet typically provides the best and most seamless experience.
How do I buy tokens during the presale?expand_moreStep 1
First, you'll need an Ethereum wallet. If you're on a desktop, we recommend getting the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome. If you're on mobile, we recommend downloading the Trust Wallet app.

Step 2
Once you've downloaded MetaMask or Trust Wallet, you can connect your Ethereum wallet, or if you don't have one yet, they'll guide you through the process of creating your first Ethereum wallet.

Step 3
After setting up your wallet, please come back to this page and head over to our Presale section to connect your wallet and enter the amount of tokens you wish to buy. MetaMask or Trust Wallet will then help you sign and complete the transfer. Your tokens will appear on your wallet immediately. That's it!
How do I make the tokens show up in my wallet?expand_moreYou will need a wallet that supports adding custom ERC-20 tokens, for example MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet. Before buying tokens, please make sure that your wallet of choice does indeed support this to prevent you from not being able to access your tokens. When you add a custom ERC-20 token, you'll need to enter the following values:





If it shows up, you're good to go!
Will there be airdrops?expand_moreAbsolutely! You have the opportunity to spread the word about our platform for a chance to receive between 10000 to 25000 $TITS tokens. We will select and award up to 50 random participants on October 30. It won't cost you a single cent! We will cover the gas fees and send you the tokens for free.

Check out our Airdrops section for more information!

What is an airdrop?
An airdrop is a marketing method often employed by startups in the cryptocurrency space. It involves delivering tokens to the wallets of random or selected cryptocurrency traders, either for free or in exchange for a small promotional service.
When will the NFTs go live?expand_moreOur platform is almost fully operational. We will commence final beta testing shortly to make sure our platform is ready for launch on October 29 at 4 PM UTC.
Do you have rug-pull protection?expand_moreYes. Our Uniswap LP tokens are sent to a dead wallet, meaning they are burned so we cannot pull liquidity even if we wanted to. Additionally, all of our team tokens are locked for 6 months, after which 10% will be released on a monthly basis. Please scroll up to our Token Distribution section for proof. The vast majority of liquidity raised from our presale is locked in our presale contract and can only go to our Uniswap liquidity pool. This majority is entirely inaccessible to us and provides a stable and strong foundation for the $TITS token.

More importantly, our passion for this project is burning bright. We have a lot of faith in this platform and will give all of our strength to make sure that it will succeed and lead the global adoption of adult NFT content for many years to come. We already have close to 100 verified creators with many high-quality NFTs ready to go!
How do holder rewards work?expand_moreAfter our presale, 5% of each $TITS transaction is redistributed to holders of the $TITS token. Basically, if you buy and hold $TITS, you will automatically earn even more $TITS by doing nothing at all!
Will there be a private sale?expand_moreThere will only be a limited private sale on September 12 at 2 PM UTC until midnight for the first 10 investors, organized on our Telegram group. The price will be 0.04 USD per token. The minimum contribution is 0.2 ETH and maximum contribution is 5 ETH to prevent whales from hogging supply.
Is there a limit as to how many tokens I can buy?expand_moreThe minimum contribution amount for the presale is 0.01 ETH and the maximum contribution amount is 5 ETH per holder across all of our phases to prevent whales from hoarding supply.
When will $TITS be tradeable on Uniswap?expand_more$TITS will be tradeable on Uniswap on October 29 at 2 PM UTC, 2 hours before our NFT platform launches!
How will $TITS be integrated into the platform?expand_moreWe are planning to add an option to bid on NFTs in $TITS for a slightly lower fee to encourage more people to buy the token, which will drive up demand.

Additionally, we will have a quarterly burn mechanism based on the NFT sales to increase value for $TITS holders.

Besides, our token will always be a crucial part of NFTitties, which will cause more people to buy it as our platform grows because people will have faith in NFTitties and want to join the ride as we aim to lead the adult NFT adoption globally.
Where can I get more updates on this project?expand_moreFollow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group for live updates, chat with the team or simply hang out. Head over to our Community section below!
I still have more questions.expand_morePlease head over to our Contact page and ask away! We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

White Paper

This was just a glimpse of NFTitties. Our white paper can hopefully provide you with an answer to any questions you might have. If you would like more information about any of our platform or NFTitties in general, check out our white paper to read everything in more detail.

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We are currently holding a massive airdrop with a prize pool of $150,000. Everyone is allowed to enter! To participate in our airdrop, simply click the big button below to go to our SweepWidget where you'll be able to enter.

Completing one or more of the tasks listed there will automatically enter you in our airdrop for a chance to win up to 25,000 TITS. It's that simple!


  • Our total airdrop reward pool is 1,000,000 TITS tokens.

  • A total of 50 random winners will be selected on October 30.

  • Each airdrop will range from 10,000 to 25,000 TITS tokens.

  • Uniswap listing price will be $0.15 per token.

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Secure By Design

VP Finance is an independent audit provider consisting of leading experts in the field of cyber security and specializes in verifying teams as well as contracts. They've reviewed our contracts, team and platform and have given us a positive review.

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