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The Future of Adult Entertainment.

NFTitties is the first adult NFT marketplace on both Ethereum and Polygon. It's time to combine the power of NFTs with the vastness of the adult industry. NFTitties provides collectors with the absolute best content available anywhere. Get ready for a revolution!

Check out our marketplace for an opportunity to collect the hottest NFTs in the world.



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What is NFTitties?

NFTitties is world's first auction-based adult NFT marketplace, forged to build stronger connections between creators and their fans through the Ethereum blockchain.

In a Nutshell

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are used to represent digital files on the blockchain, in this case images and soon also videos. Creators can sell their content for Ethereum as an NFT on our platform, allowing their fans to "collect" and own a piece of their content on the blockchain. This process creates a revolutionary mutually-beneficial support bridge between creators and their fans.


More than an OnlyFans alternative

Ever since traditional banks forced OnlyFans into their recently announced porn-ban, adult content creators were shocked. Even though OnlyFans has now caved to peer pressure and is allowing plain nudes again, they're still kicking a giant portion of the market to the curb definitively.

It is time for creators to take back control. Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, you are your own bank and you are in control. Chargebacks are impossible in crypto, so once a payment is made, there's no way to revert it. This is what makes crypto and NFTitties an ideal solution for adult content creators.


What Makes Us Different

NFTitties chooses quality over quantity. For this reason, we will never have more than 30 actively listed NFTs on the site at the same time to prevent oversaturating our marketplace and keep our content of high value. All NFTs are hand-checked by our team to make sure that we can keep on delivering you the best quality that is available anywhere in the world.

We're not just focusing our attention on NFTs. In November, we will be adding subscriptions to our platform just like OnlyFans, shortly followed by chat sessions. This will provide our creators with a more stable way to make money on NFTitties.


Power to the Creators

If you're interested in being a creator, simply create an account, set up your profile and submit a verification picture. Once you're verified, you can create your first NFT. It might seem overwhelming, but we promise it's really quite simple!

As a creator, you can stay completely anonymous. All you need is an Ethereum wallet and you're good to go!


Build your collection

If you're not interested in being a creator and just want to build an awesome collection, having an account is entirely optional. You can simply connect your wallet and starting bidding on NFTs right away. The NFTitties watermark is removed upon claiming your NFT to ensure that only you have the original photo.


No listing fee

NFTs sold on NFTitties are minted (put on the blockchain) after the final sale. This means that, unlike traditional NFT-marketplaces, you don't have to pay anything to list and sell your NFT! Because of this, all NFTs are watermarked for protection by default so that only the winner of the NFT will have the original, unwatermarked file.



In honor of breasts in all shapes and sizes, 1% of all sales will go to a highly-rated Breast Cancer charity. These donations are made on the first day of each month and are entirely transparent.

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